How To Keep Angels Alive / by grace mcgrade

If you trust in your strangeness, your peculiar loveliness, and otherworldly magnetism when you are young, everything will come a lot quicker and you will save yourself suffering.

Light more candles and switch off lights. Open your senses as much as possible, you can do this with flowers or chocolate or sunsets, rubbing coconut oil over your skin, or painting your eyelids in blue glitter. Anything that makes your heart tickle and expand two or three inches further is good.

Walk and don’t drive, you’ll get more miracles that way. Remember the earth is your mother.

Say yes to all adventures that don’t make you sick.

Tend to plants, they build self esteem and make you prettier.

Dancing is an antidepressant. Yoga and meditation are antidepressants. Laughter is an antidepressant, and if you feel like you can’t, laugh anyway, until your fake laughter becomes funny.

Green things that grow from the earth are antidepressants, try to eat those every day. If you are heart broken surround yourself in green and pink.

TV and phones are depressants. Saying hurtful things are depressants. Pills too.

The highest status you can receive comes from being unconditionally lovely to everyone. Be outlandishly generous til it becomes an ongoing joke. You get more gifts from life that way. Reveal feelings (especially crushes) because life is too short to conceal  much, and honesty is the greatest high. Fall in love with someone who loves your mind as well as your body, and sees you as an entire universe, not just parts to pick up and put down. Turn dark feelings into paintings or dances or poems. Let your poetry be your scream and don’t censor yourself.

Avoid the following: genetically modified food, meat and dairy, fluoride, cocaine, and anyone blind to divinity. Love your hair although it is loud and tangles, your legs, although they extend beyond anyone elses, your button nose, your crooked spine, because all these things are divine. Focus less on looking like a barbie, barbie can’t write poems or channel- and more like being a Botticelli goddess, being your truest, most unapologetically soulful self. Treat yourself the way you want your world to treat you, and it will ripple out like silvery, pearly water, and all you will receive is luck and magic and beauty and wonder and truth-because thats what you are. Remember we are bound by blood and the way we treat ourselves is the way we treat each other.

Remember you are an actual angel.