She's Crazy / by grace mcgrade


Oh her? She's crazy.

You can’t argue against being crazy without sounding crazy. The archetype of the “crazy girl” is the modern day equivalent to that of the witch. There is no defense against it. It's a new meta-mythology that you can’t argue with. The Crazy Girl. Does she send myriads of jealous texts late at night? Or did she try to throw herself off the balcony of the standard hotel? Doesn’t matter. Same thing. She's crazy. She has too many secrets and she talks too much about sex.

Reclaim the notoriety, provoke people with your absurdity, solely live based on moment to moment impulse and melodramatic displays of emotion. People will always be afraid of watching women let their emotions out, as if they only unleash only bad things. They will tell you that you are too defiant, too tempestuous, too difficult.

Well, fuck that.

Most people are bored, and they need something to talk about. It makes them feel big and valuable. Somehow, shaming fiery women makes their lives more interesting, shaping passion and drive into some sort of distorted, half assed fairy tale.  .
I can be your character, I make a great one. But don’t tell stories that are boring.

Tell them about the time I cursed my ex and in violation, he broke both of his legs. Tell them how well acquainted I am with pain, how I wear my scars blaringly, on my sleeve. Tell them how I did that one thing, at that one place, in front of the wrong person. Tell them how I am only satisfied by the woods and mountains. Tell them I’ve been visited by aliens. Tell them about my tongue, tell them how I dance on tabletops and roll around in grass. Tell them I am feral and insane, it will only make you feel brighter and better.

Don't compromise your passion or condemn your own capacity to feel so greatly. Don’t condense or refine yourself. Let yourself spill out and overflow with vivacious ecstasy, with grandiose feeling and neon opinions.

The world is my subconscious, and I am a time travelling fairy. I am go go dancing in this mass hallucination. And I don't care if that makes me crazy.