How To Find Happiness During The Collapse Of Western Civilization / by grace mcgrade


We drastically underestimate the soul’s compulsion for inner transformation. The longing to be in a constant state of transmuting, shifting, flashing, glimmering, unstill. The Universe feels this, is this. That's why it provides us with the limitless entertainment of our ever developing stories. That's why we are always revisiting the challenges it sends our way, spiralling back, providing our curious, metamorphic souls with a sporadic, vast range of unpredictable learning. Replenish and expand that desire. Let it make you explore the world, explore someone else's body, explore altered states and heightened emotions. Let it, get high on it, and be aware of it. We are looking for the answers so we can burn them up, get free and dream up better questions.

Stop normalizing pessimism, ignore the factions of reality that require you to dumb down your imagination, or tell you cynicism and nihilism are trendy. These are not Maison Margiela accessories, they are burdens, and contribute to a collective level of negativity that serves no one. Live in a universe of your own invention. Guard against the inclement weather of fear, let the tumult of things like traffic and death and taxes and politics be fossilized in the background. Let the insurmountable opportunity of invisible dimensions seep through you, endlessly. There, the present and future mingle like jumbled mirrors, and sometimes, you can jump through them. Let yourself become immune to regular life, let dancing and candles and intentions precede the laws of physics and logic. Let your ecstatic hope blur the edges of things, and make your only devotion to commit to beauty, to expose your own emotions fearlessly, to be dangerously truthful and heighten curiosity til it makes you overflow.

Wear magic underwear from moss, strawberries and hummingbird feathers. Swim naked at midnight in the abyss of the dirty pacific ocean. Burst into hysteric laughter while having sex. Invent a magic tonic and distribute it to angry family members. Tell your collegues they are characters in your lucid dream. Search for miracles in dingy places. Believe everything you do can be touched by canopies of angels and fairies. Confess feelings always. Be mischievously compassionate. Laugh at the generosity of the sun in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic. Contort your naked body into strange positions in the mirror til you are drunk on absurdity. Rebuild from your muscle memory of paradise. Distribute sparklers and glitter, particularly when it is not appropriate. Compliment yourself out loud and get rich on bliss. Roll naked in dirt.  Try to pay for things in crystals. Resuscitate yourself from the ancient amnesia. Get free.