What is Magic? / by grace mcgrade




I hate to break it to you, but even if you don’t know it, you do magic. Every time you think, every time you do an action with an intention, every time you speak, you are doing magic. Yes, we are energy, moving at the speed of light, recalibrating with our environments and surroundings. But we are also language, mechanical waves of thoughts and words shimmering and recasting themselves. The world is composed of description filtered through individual perception. How we imagine our reality is how it becomes, and the way we describe our reality, our life, is the way it is.

The hebrew translation of “Abracadabra”, literally translates to “What speak I create.” When you write, or you pronounce anything, you are “spell-ing” Everything that has happened to you, or has been brought into your field, is a result of this. What if nothing actually existed until it was described and spoken into existence? What if that coworker you called a bitch, only became a bitch once you started describing her as such?

If you have heard of the “Law of Attraction”, or “Manifestation”, then you are aware that if you focus on something enough, you can bring it into your reality. Now, I want to clear things up, because you have only been told part of this truth- and the reality is, everything in your existing world exists because it has been given energy, either through sound, though imagery or through imagination..that includes Trump, war, misogyny..  Collectively we have, on some level, given it permission to exist. Life is a shared hallucination and manifestation of our collective subconscious. 

    Your thoughts, words, and emotions, shape your reality.

Magic, for me, is just an awareness of this personal creative force, reclaimed and redirected. It has taken me a few years to mourn the loss of being lied to about my creative capacity, to harness and direct it through ritual and controlled thought. Magic is a craft, requiring delicate detail and care. It is the art of causing change, using consciousness and in accordance with the will.


You do not need to do a blood sacrifice, or rip off your clothes and have sex with a goat, in order to consciously bring your will into existence. You do it already. The hysterics around magic are there for good reason, the first to separate yourself from your power and the second because yes, with great power comes great responsibility. Spiritual ramifications come from any practice of magic, and they return threefold. Magic isn’t good or evil, the same way a knife isn’t good or evil- the wielder is.  After understanding this, you have to take some spiritual responsibility for your thoughts and emotions, because not only do they affect the sphere of influence in your own life, but additionally they add to our collective subconscious. These can be difficult, uncomfortable truths to swallow- and there will be those who refuse to be honest with themselves and want to remain separate from this power. That is ok too.

When we allow ourselves to just be docile and entertained, we repeat and manifest the things we are entertained by. We repeat others dreams instead of reaching inside of ourselves and deciding upon our own visions. What sort of things lie beneath our repetition of cultural memes and indoctrination? What would evolve organically from our ornate psyches, each individually intricate and distinct? Everything changes when you start emitting your own frequency, words and intentions towards the universe, rather than receiving and repeating that of those around you.      

If you feel the need to take these principles into practice, or even to disprove my theory, I advise you to write about how you want your life to look, as if it is already happening, in present tense. This practice is known as ‘scripting’. Empower it with emotion and trust that it will come to fruition with glistening ease. Voice your own eternal whispers, let them flow out of your soul like glittering blood. Reconnect with your higher self, as you are an inherent creator, capable of using this physical realm as a stage set for your vast inner worlds. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.