Leo. Ruler of the heart and creative capacity. Evening gowns made of sunlight. Doc Martins that sing songs when you stomp. Drawing on your childhood walls. A burlesque performance in a supermarket. A toddler in a tiara throwing a tantrum. A firework display of orgasms. The impulse to say the revealing thing. Blood pulsing through your heart.  The drive to leave clues of your inner world on the outer stage. And above all things, attention.

This Leo Super Blood Moon Eclipse is just as ostentatious, powerful and lasting as it sounds. It is passionate, it is full, and baby, its all about the heart. Leo teaches us that we have the power to CREATE OUR REALITY WITH ATTENTION. It asks us to lead with the heart, and draw forth dreams with vivid actions. Our hearts are getting more open, and as a result, we feel more. The separation from the astral plane of imagination and the physical realm is getting thinner, and what we pay attention to WILL be realized. It is time to let go of any delusions, half-dreams or narratives that interfere with our own radical self love.

In order to actualize our wildest, wettest dreams, we have to be willing to expunge and release any inner narratives than interfere with our own divinity.   If there are people in your life that don’t see you as a completely unique, beautiful, fractal of divinity- release them. If there are things in your space that don’t reflect your glittery fantasys- chuck em to the wind. Imagine that you are a secret heir to an enormous fortune of love and success that is about to be actualized. The future is conspiring to shower you in ridiculous, laughable blessings. Everything other than that is burnt up tonight.


    Create a sacred space for yourself with your most glittery, gorgeous sacred items. Light candles in a circle. Annoint yourself with oil and burn incense to open up your senses. Visualize a stream of miracles, liquid gold, pouring through your body, and centralizing around your heart. Write down anything that does not serve you and that you want to stop creating.

Place your left index and middle finger on the space between your mouth and nose and read the following, with as much Leo conviction as you can muster:

“I proclaim that my life is my own. I close all windows, portals, and doorways that would allow another to manipulate my life. I cast out all controlling and invasive energies I have experienced throughout the journey of my soul and all those connected to these energies. It is my intent that all aspects of my highest being be present. I choose to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul. I call forth all soul expressions, elementals and thought forms to stand before me, as I stand before you, in love.

(Now read what you want to release from your paper)
I ask that you forgive and honor me. I forgive and honor you. I embrace you in love and I thank you for the lessons we have shared. I now choose to release all bonds between us and transmute them into unconditional love.

I command that all thought forms, energies, programs or substances that have been administers or that I have created, on all levels of my being, forming seperation, distortion, illness or illusion within my being,

now be transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love.

Whatever laws I have owned, whatever beliefs I have held, whatever vows I have taken, whatever invocations I may hold, whatever contracts and agreements I have made, and those I have them with, that have allowed distortions, illusions, images holograms, symbols and psychic messages that prevent me from experiencing bliss within my being,

I now transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I choose to be whole, complete, centered and balanced. I call forth all aspects of my being to align with me in divine perfection and integrate into the totality of my being.

I am Creative Love.

And so it is.”

Burn your paper and expect a monumental miracle.