For Esther / by grace mcgrade


you are the phoenix on the horizon

beyond fathoming

beyond strange

awake where earth meets sea

bounded by traffic on either side

you are a space nymph

an angel incarnate

drawn by fine spun gold

borne of the place where lightning struck venus

a red wilderness split apart by blue flame

anchored only

by the ocean of the impossible

contained by porcelain or glass

with pearl feet that command storms

and a voice that bleeds roses

there will be those

who wish to cage you

who envy your light without eyes to see it

who wish to enrapture your divinity

piercing, quaking

at the sight of your intangible mysticism

they may wrestle your feet to the ground

the way the moon pleads to the stars:

stay put.

but you won’t.

set your spirit free to drift again

upon the starry place

live vividly, truthfully,

in the effervescence of your most opalic fantasies

douse yourself

in the crystallization of every experience possible

screaming for discovery

metamorphosize your wounds

dance madly between tenderness and passion

leave no stone unturned

leave all inhibitions to the racing wind

achieve resolution through revolution

and let streams of star glitter fall in your footprints

when your eyes are tired

of being so wide and so awake

tired of seeing through veils and shattered shadings

tired of leaving light where others only leave shadow

live from your inner eternity,

the starry place,

they will follow.