A 30-40 minute energetic clearing session, derived from the traditional Japanese healing modality, Reiki. A session with Grace combines her Reiki III practice with intuitive, higher chakra work and removing blockages and trauma through energy work. This body work is based on the philosophy that the etheric informs the physical, and can be used to treat physical ailments as well as energetic ones.

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Every ritual is tailor-made to meet the needs of the client. Using the elementals, sacred objects and magic, Grace leads ceremonies for groups and individuals. Rituals are used for healing, calling in and attracting love, abundance, New Moon intentions, cutting cords, protection and other wishes.


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Radical Astrology

A 1-2 hour long astrology reading, designed to help a client identify and alchemize their cosmic make up. Grace treats astrology as the map to the soul, a tool for radical self-love and self forgiveness, and uses natal charts as the perimeters to work intuitively. Grace helps her clients identify the tendencies and talents acquired at birth, and actively helps them find ways to ascend to higher vibratory patterns.

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Tarot Readings are also available for $35.00, done remotely